Timetable - by Joanna Chojnicka

The project will run for four years, from December 2015 to November 2019. Each project year begins on December 1st.
The project plan is divided into four main phases, each lasting roughly 1 year and consisting of (in most cases) three components: theoretical work, empirical work, and collaboration, as shown in the table below.

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  theoretical work empirical work collaboration
phase 1
months 1-10
collecting and systemising theoretical literature collecting and coding samples (qualitative study), creating the corpus (quantitative study) and website a closed workshop with experts
phase 2
months 11-26
completing macro- and meso-level analyses on the basis of theoretical literature completing the micro-level analysis on the basis of collected samples organising a conference and editing a volume of invited contributions
phase 3
months 27-36
using the analyses to explain and discuss the study results reflecting back on the local theories of gender and sexuality publishing the edited volume; co-authoring an article
phase 4
months 37-48
disseminating project results in book form